History and Values


Architecture lovers since their youngest age, Emmanuelle and Hervé Bossard founded IBOO Studio in 2002.

After a 6-year training they gained various work experience in Parisian agencies before starting in the events industry in 1995. Since then they have developed and shared their complementary knowledge and skills and are now joined at IBOO Studio by a dynamic team of interior designers dedicated to innovation and the very best in exhibition design.


IBOO Studio’s approach to outstanding customer service is driven by a high sense of quality and a close relationship with our customers. This allows us to anticipate and thoroughly understand the global and specific requirements peculiar to any project.

Generosity, respect for people and their work, ability to listen are our core ethical values. Our customers experience and appreciate this commitment the first time they entrust us with their project and become loyal clients year after year.

As the exhibition industry is not quite environmentally friendly, IBOO Studio aims at sustainability and always advocates the use of reconfigurable stands which is the first measure to save on energy and raw materials.

We favor the use of recyclable materials, though sometimes more expensive, if the budget and the availability of the products allow us to do so. Manufacturers in the exhibition industry feel more and more concerned and are working with sustainability in mind.

  • Eco-Commitment

The exhibitions activity is not very environmentally sound. IBOO Studio consistently offers to its customers the reutilization of their projects.

This is the first source of energy and raw materials economy. Recyclable materials, often more costly, are only used when budgets and availability within a reasonable timeframe permit it. Gradually, manufacturers supplying the sector are working on it.