100% guaranteed budget no overspending on the basis of the initial technical specifications..
Studies are achieved within 1 to 4 weeks according to the type, dimension and complexity of the project. The study includes the analysis or the writing of technical specifications (with the customer), design, modeling, 3D visuals, commercial and technical quotations.
20 to 30 % savings (storage included) for reassembling the exact same stand in the Parisian area, and from 10 to 15% both in France and abroad.
Feedback within 24 hours for phone or web requests.
Your best surety is that we never put ourselves in jeopardy.
Availability and reactivity for our customers, constantly, even during periods of high activity.
Through our expertise, we can support you,upstream the surface of your booking, as soon as you have decided to participate in the exhibition or to schedule a set of operations.