Interior design

  • Your development, your strategy, the evolution of your organisation require a space optimisation, a remodelling of your headquarter in view of your entrepreneurial goals ?
  • Your show-room no longer corresponds to your range of goods and services and to the reality of your company, of its innovation and conquest spirit ?
  • You feel the vital necessity to inject energy, to renovate the reception and the product presentation and organisation ?
  • Your premises are dilapidated, disconnected from their primary function: to welcome and promote?

IBOO Studio will propose you more than you expect !

No conceptual arguments, superficial designs, trendy, too technical and incomprehensible big words which hide in reality the weaknesses of a project without real intentions, just in order to win your approval, your signature.

Because the relevance of your investment will have a direct and sustained effect on the communication, the productiveness and the profitability of your company; the only approach to be taken is: “The substance before the form”.

It is a non-improvised approach which does not cheat. It is a common work that we can do together and which will allows you, thanks to your professional experiences, your background, your personal knowledge, your demand but also you open-mindedness and your curiosity, to bring out essential points and determine the architectural conception lines of your project.

  • Why choose IBOO Studio
The interior architecture can help you to reach, exceed your objectives and discover a new and effective way of organising and valuing your activity.