Collective Pavilion

  • Your will is to give an optimal support to SMEs and SMIs of your land in their development and export ?
  • You are in charge of the organisation of an important collective participation in France or abroad or on the contrary of a small operation comprising only a few companies ?
  • You need to optimise your costs through a program of several exhibitions in a specific period of time and focused on a single region of the world ?

The collective pavilion efficiency is now irrefutable !

The collective pavilion, whatever its configuration, can be a tremendous booster for exhibiting companies. It welcomes and supports them year after year in their development. Indeed, collective pavilions can cover different projects: national or regional, bringing together companies of a same land, of a same professional federation or of a common vision or project.

A collective pavilion provides to exhibitors you welcome a much better visibility at reduced budget and an important time and resource saving compared to the investment and the serious preparation that requires an individual participation.

  • Why choose iboo IBOO Studio

IBOO Studio realises between 5.000 and 10.000m² of collective pavilions each year across Europe.

Our experience will be one of your most valuable assets to organise and achieve your project.