Modular Stand

The media exhibition is essential for many companies, organizations, communities and institutions. However it represents a significant investment.
  • Perhaps you wish to experiment it a first time ?
  • Perhaps you have decided to keep the lid on your expenditures while preserving the essential ?
  • Perhaps you want to test a cheaply exhibition or market ?

The personalised modular stand is the most appropriate solution

Much more rewarding and hard-hitting than a self-assembly pop-up system. Less expensive and less time to prepare than a traditional stand. But benefitting from the expertise of IBOO Studio as well, this media vector provides an undeniable speed of preparation and decision-making.

  • Why choose iboo IBOO Studio
IBOO Studio has developed and continues to design attractive and rewarding solutions at lower cost to your needs.

Between 9m and 30m², rarely beyond, this option combines efficiency and reduced budget. Indeed, it uses existing elements and fittings.