Traditional Stand Presentation

  • You wish to mark the difference, to bring out your best assets ?
  • You have selected one or several exhibitions and decided to display your goods, services, technologies, innovations and strategy quality for the future ?

Traditional stand is the best media exhibition vector

Traditional stand is the best media exhibition vector to clearly express your uniqueness and attractiveness. It deserves in this respect a preparation that lives up to your ambitions.
No more, no less. Just proportionally to the importance of your investment, in order to make it as relevant and coherent as possible, regardless of its size.

Worldwide support and consistency

Want to join a trade show overseas? We are here to help. Let us take the time-consuming burden of setting-up, adjusting, taking down your stand for you! We will find the solutions consistent with your corporate identity and your marketing strategy wherever this event takes place.


Everything starts with the stroke of a pen. The more specific and detailed your requirements, the more spontaneous and accurate this stroke will be.

3D visuals and layout

The layout of the project will help visualize the final product and present all its technical, functional and communication aspects in accordance with your budget.


We will build and set up your project and we will hand over your stand to you... ready for your success. We will take it down at the end of the show. Take advantage of our storage service and re-use your exhibition stand to maximize your return on investment.
  • Why choose IBOO Studio ?
This is the IBOO Studio’s core business, which we put at your disposal, for your greatest benefit.

We intervene in the traditional stand field, whether for a small or large stand, single or reusable, both in France or abroad.