Reusable Traditional Stand

Reassembling options. A saving of time and money, a safety.
  • You which to participate in several exhibitions ?
  • You want to optimize your organization time ?

Reassembling options. A saving of time and money, a safety.

Once its development is well completed and if, from the start, it was designed for that, your exhibition communication/marketing project can be adjusted in all configurations, reusable and therefore highly profitable. Its production, largely stored, regularly maintained, adapted, can allow you to reuse your modules both in France and abroad. And you generate up to 30% of savings on each utilisation.

Apart from the financial aspect, the reassembling principle streamlines and optimizes the overloaded planning of the exhibitor you are. Indeed, it frees you a lot of time and energy for other tasks, gives you an appreciable comfort during the preparation of operations, and finally provides you an inestimable safety for your achievements.

  • Why choose iboo IBOO Studio
IBOO Studio has carried out a lot of reassemblies for its customers in a win-win relationship for 10 years. Join us!

Trust IBOO Studio with the design of your traditional stand and you will benefit from the best environment to meet your customers and visitors.